Third Party Application security patches are an overlooked yet critical component of a cyber security. While windows operating systems patches try to update frequently and prompt for a user to schedule them, however third-party apps are often left open and without opportunity to update to their latest secure version.

Google have recently released some rather critical security patches for their Chrome web browser on Windows in this months bout of updates, holes large enough that warrant going out of your way to manually update to stay safe in our opinion. To patch manually, click on “Help -> About Google Chrome” to check for the latest updates, from here you should be able to see the available update and opt to download/install now.

This zero-day attack isn’t limited to just the Chrome app though – the “FreeType” plugin for chrome also needs updating to address major exploits revealed within their Chrome extension.

If you’re not sure if your business devices are patched to the latest and safest versions available, our remote monitoring and maintenance solution could help. To find out more please contact us, for what we do today, secures your business for tomorrow!