COVID-19! I don’t believe that in over 35 years of working in the technology industry I have experienced anything that has inflicted such a dramatic impact on the business fraternity as this COVID-19 virus.  Gone are the days where remote working was an exclusive benefit of the companies executives it is now one of the only methods available to Companies regardless of their size and complexity to archive Business Continuity.  The increased impact that COVID-19 is having on global communities has left many companies with no choice but to encourage staff to work from home with all the complications that this entails with impacts on security and productivity.  As Specialists in Security and Business Continuity, we have experienced unprecedented and challenging demand in requests for advice and information to identifying and implementing security solutions for our clients.

Over the last few weeks we have assisted many companies to enable literally hundreds of office-bound workers to continue their functions and businesses processes remotely and securely from home and the requirement continues to escalate.  This developing virtual workspace is emerging and growing at an alarming rate and the fact is that this is creating life-changing reality in normal working practices and this is going to be permanent legacy of the pandemic.  It is the only way for many businesses to avoid the expected staff shortages on mass due to this COVID-19 virus and in reality the only way for the business to survive the ensuing negative financial impacts.

I am concerned that Businesses will have to be fluid and quick to accept what they might consider being unpleasant changes to survive in 2020.