Hackers exploit vulnerabilities in old software versions constantly, Cisco’s new Jabber video conferencing and messaging app for Windows is another platform to suffer exploits, proving how important it is to make sure you’re applying security patches to your third party applications, especially ones that can provide remote access.

The flaws were uncovered during a penetration test by Watchcom and were found to affect versions 12.1 to 12.9 of the Jabber client. These flaws have since been patched but you’re not safe if you’re on the referenced older versions!

The flaws provided those trying to exploit the remote code execution rights on targeted systems, achieved by sending crafted chat messages forcing the client to execute programs outside of the Jabber client, but with the privileges and access rights of the user that launched the Jabber client. The exploits could extend to capturing users NTLM password hashes, similar to the Zoom hack exposed back in April.

If you’re unsure of software versions you’re running, or which devices may have Jabber installed, we can help! Deployment of our remote monitoring agent gives us device insights, allowing us to run software audits and reports to identify weaknesses in your cybersecurity such missing security patches for old versions of Cisco’s Jabber software.