Microsoft starts April with a bumper pack of security updates.

The first “Patch Tuesday” since the new regime of Working From Home, with one hundred and thirteen security updates to be precise and these include three Active Zero-Day Exploits that are in use by Cybercriminals today!

Analysis of the 113 patches leads with 19 which are classified as crucial and the remaining 94 are important so not something that can be ignored

These included patches and updates for many of Microsoft’s ever-increasing product range: Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Edge (EdgeHTML-based and the Chromium-based versions), ChakraCore, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office and Microsoft Office Services and Web Apps, Windows Defender, Visual Studio, Microsoft Dynamics, and not forgetting the Microsoft Applications for both Android and Mac.

This makes a grand total of 377 of Microsoft updates so far in 2020 which seems considerable, but when compared to Oracle’s massive release of 405 patches this week alone, it is evident that the cyber threat is increasing.  In general, it is expected the number of security patches will continue to remain at the current rate or even increase as software product ranges are expanded.

Microsoft issues Sticking Plaster for April!

The CORVID-19 pandemic has forced upon us new requirements, and the adoption of working from home on mass (which is no longer just for the privilege few) has been met by a surge of enthusiasm from the cybercriminal element on the internet leading to increases in all aspects cybercrime.

Please take all practical actions to ensure that you don’t become a victim or ask Computer Friendly Consultants to manage all your security requirements!