As reported by the FICO Consumer Digital Banking Study, upwards of a fifth of British people re-use two to five passwords across all of their online banking, and that only 18% use recommended password management software. Using ill-protected and weak passwords exposes you to hacking attempts, the use of congruent passwords inevitably opens your other accounts to further attacks.

Around 71% of the study said they would be happy to use biometric security methods in online banking. Biometrics offers a far more secure verification process of a person’s identity; this may insitagte the push towards biometric-based systems of authentication across all sectors in the future.


How to safeguard your digital identity

Your digital identity combines elements such as usernames, date of birth, online transactions, aswell as your social presence and history.

In aid to prevent hacking, it is essential to delete or deactivate old accounts and more seriously, check your privacy settings on existing accounts. The recent surge in remote working makes the improvement of password practices crucial. Good password practices are paramount- from regularly changing passwords to using multiple passwords and even storing passwords in a trusted password manager.

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