Established in 1999 Computer Friendly Consultants celebrate over 20 Years in business.

Helping business thrive by ensuring business continuity.

COMPUTER FRIENDLY CONSULTANTS was founded by Paul Waterhouse after working for years as the Project Team Leader with Barclays Corporate Bank on their Disaster Recovery Projects and 14 years working with AT&T as an EMEA Support Specialist across their Unix, security and Communications platforms.

It has always been the case that small businesses face the same obstacles and threats to their business regardless of size.  Paul recognised that the principles and processors applied by the large Corporate Companies to their data security should be applied to the SME business arena.

Simplifying the lives of our digitally-driven customers by providing customised automated solutions and services to ensure you get the very best out of your available information technology systems.  Achieving this means we can pride ourselves on our success in providing the very best quality service while always placing the client’s business continuity and objectives first.   All this delivered by our friendly consultants, engineers and our specialist support team bridging the gap in providing a single point of contact for all your in-house systems.