Data Backup and Disaster recovery

This is the most essential aspect of any company’s IT infrastructure and is usually underestimated if not wholly ignored. Because without an appropriate backup and disaster recovery solution, any loss of data, whether it’s by corruption, malicious acts or physical hardware failure can be devastating to a company’s ability to function. Resulting in extended downtime or permanent loss of data which can lead to the demise of a business.

A simple question would be: How much would downtime cost your business?

Computer Friendly Consultants have developed solutions that fulfil all the requirements for the SME market place with a full disaster recovery solution that is verified every day.

You decide what you require, and we create the solution to suit you and We check it!

So why CFCUK?

Computer Friendly Consultants Offsite Secure Data Solutions are designed to meet the accepted best business practice of a secure offsite copy of all inhouse company data and support many different disaster recovery implementation scenarios. Our solutions automated to remove the element of human failure. Replacing legacy External Hard Drives, Magnetic tapes, USB storage devices and public cloud services (which are generally used for their convenience yet don’t offer a business level recovery solution).

We do offer to review your current backup practices and advise on available options to improving your resilience against data loss; we can even test your current solutions to determine the effectiveness with the ability to recover your systems.

Our Key services are:

  • We backup Raw files, folders, system snapshots and complete image chains to our private data facility.
  • Our solutions offer quick data recovery points on your premises which are synchronised with our off-site data facility on a schedule to suit your business.
  • We offer snapshots of your data on schedules to suit your legal or personal requirements; every 5 minutes, hourly or daily with retention periods to suit, with weekly, monthly or yearly copies of historical data available depending on the amount of storage purchased.
  • All our solutions are automated, removing the element of human error and failure. Reports and logs are created and verified automatically and reviewed by an engineer.

Please contact us for more information on our DRAAS and RAW data copy solutions.