Chasing after stolen information is a waste of time or to phrase it another way “Closing the stable door after the horse has bolted”.

More effective use of your efforts is to spend time taking some of these 5 simple actions or better yet all of them.

  1. Create more complex passwords; using password management software will help you with this task and ensure that you change all crucial and / or weak password.
  2. Make a point of checking all financial transactions regularly (we would suggest every two weeks) when looking for irregular transactions. Even check the smaller transactions as these are often overlooked but used on a regular basis in an effort to avoid discovery or to test the transaction process before the intended larger removal of funds. Even though £5.00 per week of the course of many months will definitely reduce your spending money.
  3.  It may be worthwhile asking for a copy of your Credit Report, this will enable to identify unauthorized changes such as changes in home address or requests for credit cards.
  4. Some people find it reassuring to actually freeze their Credit Report, I believe this service is available and still free with Experian.  It may create a slight delay to unfreeze your credit file before even you can apply for funds but it does at least prevent unauthorized requests.
  5. There are many “Free” resources that you should make use of and the information you gain can be quite enlightening and I mention just a couple below for you to try.

If you wish to check a particular company for possible breach’s regarding information stored on you, check out

Another commonly known site that provides some information about your information available on the dark web is

In conclusion, I must say that Dark Web Monitoring Services can alert you when you are discovered on the Dark Web but as an indication of the vast scale of these resources; a small section of the Dark Web (Tor .onion) alone has a possible 1,208,925,819,614,629,174,706,176 sites. You can imagine these are not all going to be searched at the click of a button!

I hope that you found the information above enlightening if not helpful.