A recent posting from John Soloman over at Google stipulates that the company “Parallels” is partnering with Google to bring functionality to Windows applications such as Microsoft Office to Googles Chrome Enterprise platform in Q3/Q4 of 2020.

We’re seeing an uptake in many tech Giants in these passing months adopting the Working from Home and Remote Working methodology. I feel this is the first big step in non-standard operating platforms getting attention from the market leaders such as Microsoft for standard office software. “Our new partnership with Parallels brings legacy application support—which includes Microsoft Office desktop apps—to Chromebooks”.

Other operating systems from Microsoft competitors such as Apple have had to develop bespoke Mac only versions of Office, which makes licensing and installation management a chore. Having Legacy application support could potentially allow Chrome Enterprise users to install and use the software on their Google devices in a similar fashion to how they license, install and run the software in a Windows environment.

With both firms promising in the coming months to release additional information, there are certainly exciting times ahead.



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